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Current: 24A

Voltage: 110, 120, 208, 220, 230, 240V, 2-Pole, 50 and 60Hz

Patented MagLatch™ Design


2-Pole Static Transfer Switch

Current: 30, 40, 50A

Voltage: 110, 120, 208, 220, 230, 240V, 50 and 60Hz



4-Pole Static Transfer Switch

Current: 30, 40, 50A

Voltage: 120/208V, 3-ph, 50 and 60Hz





TwinSource Rack-Mounted Automatic Transfer Switches Provide the Highest Reliability of Electrical Supply at 7x24 Mission Critical Facilities For Protection of Single Cord, Dual Cord, and Triple Cord Electronic Loads

TwinSource manufactures rack-mount automatic transfer switches in both solid state (single phase and three phase) and electromechanical (single phase) versions.

  • The DCC-II solid state or static transfer switch has been our flagship product for over 10 years and is a two-pole, single phase device available in ratings of 30A, 40A, and 50A (10KW) in all worldwide voltages and frequencies. A three phase, 4-wire, four-pole version has been introduced as well that comes in 208/120V (US Applications Only), 50A, 18KW for higher power 3 phase situations. 4 pole is necessary to also disconnect/reconnect the source neutrals in a transfer.

  • The DCC-III solid state or static transfer switch is a four-pole, three phase device available in the rating of 50A @ 208/120 volts, (18KW), only for the North American market at this time with 230/400V version currently in development. The 4th pole is necessary to disconnect & reconnect the source neutrals in a transfer.

  • The DCC-I electromechanical transfer switch is available in a 24A rating in all worldwide voltages. The DCC-I contains patented MagLatch™ technology that utilizes magnetically latching relays to achieve higher ATS reliability.

These systems all operate on the basis of powering your critical load from a preferred source and in the event that source falls outside your pre-set specifications, then the system transfers the load to the alternate supply automatically. It does this quickly in less than 1/4 cycle for the SCR based systems and in less than 1/2 cycle for the electromechanical version, all without any risk of dropping the load or cross connecting the sources. The Preferred Source can be selected by a simple push of a button, remotely through the RS 485 port, or through a settings selection.



The TwinSource Rack Mount Static Transfer Switch is considered “Best in Class” among rack mounted automatic transfer switch products. It has a proven track record of over 60,000,000 hours on-line without a load failure among its installed base worldwide. We have systems across the globe mostly populated in US, UK, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai, and other locations. For more information on the products please refer to the corresponding tabs above. This web site also offers a general tutorial on all ratings and types of transfer switches which you will find very informative.

Our systems are utilized in the following applications to maintain critical equipment worldwide:

  • Major Data Centers

  • Remote Satellite Operations

  • Financial & Banking Operations

  • Hosting Sites

  • Network Operations Centers

  • Fiber Optic Nerve Centers

  • Air Traffic Control Centers

  • Military Command & Control

  • HVAC Control Systems

  • Building Management & SCADA Systems

  • Petrochemical Plants

  • Semiconductor Fab Plants

  • Process Control

  • Power Plants

  • Security Systems

  • Communications



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